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This is my first ever website.

This website is as my Project of Computer Science, for First Year ICS.

I have created this website in HTML. As for a short amount of time and too much burden of my studies and Projects of other subjects ( and to lead the groups ) I got too much work and a very short amount of time, so could not give much time to my website. This is why I have created such a simplest website. :'( Well I've tried my best for this. Cuz making A HUGE GRAPHIC WEBSITE using JUSTTT Notepad and Wordpad is not as easy as it looks!!!

Well this is not the final version of website. So keep in touch I'll be updating it regularly. As I get enough time I will complete it. As I am also working on JavaScript :) I will enhance my website with certain important scripings like JS, SQL, PHP etc. so it becomes more convenient and dynamic.

Well I have not created this website only to present for project, but I have tried to to make it usefull for you. Like I have Included Some Major notes of certain subjects & also other usefull stuff which you can find in Downloads section of the website. Hope you like it and Helps as well as!!

Thanks for Visiting

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